Foods That Will Make Your Skin Beautiful and Healthy

That foods do have the power to heal is not a new concept, yet a lot of people are not aware or do not have the chance to fully appreciate what eating the right foods can do to ones health. A balanced diet, one that is composed of vitamins, minerals, and proteins in all the right amounts, is very essential in maintaining healthy skin.

There is absolutely no truth in the saying that eating too much chocolates or sweets can cause pimples or acne breakouts. That eating greasy and fried foods will make your skin and hair greasy is also not true. You cannot stuff yourself with cucumbers, carrots, lettuce or grapes and expect to have beautiful skin, either. It does not mean that even if you eat loads and loads of fruits and vegetables each day, your skin will be fair, smooth, and healthy. Various other factors, such as having enough sleep, drinking enough water, exercise, and supplements, are in play to give you skin that is healthy and glowing.

Nonetheless, it pays to include in your diet foods that are specifically good for the skin, and these are asparagus, coconut oil, avocado, mango, and raw organic honey. Asparagus is highly alkaline, thus it aids in keeping the pH levels of the skin well balanced. Coconut oil is a known lubricant of the joints and the skin and has a healing effect at the same time. Avocado is said to be one of the most nutritious fruits, and it certainly is! It is packed with vitamins and all the essential nutrients that make your skin moisturized inside and out. Mango aids in blood circulation and gives the skin clarity because of its high enzyme properties, while raw organic honey can keep the skin soft and clean when applied topically.

It has to be emphasized though that for you to experience the full effects of these foods, you must embark on a healthy lifestyle.

Everyday Detox For Eternal Youth and Health

One of the beauty secrets of supermodel Miranda Kerr is drinking lots of water for everyday detox. This is because she travels a lot which dehydrates her body and results in toxic accumulation.

Some alternative health detox programs claim that its followers can lose weight through the program. This may often be true, since extremely restrictive caloric intake, which are mandatory on these programs, help promote weight loss. However, the weight loss is not lasting, and as soon as the person returns to eating normally, the weight will reappear. Temporary fasts can also be dangerous to people with underlying medical problems.

Everyday Detox: Impact of Toxins

Famous author Catherine J Frompovich, in her book ‘Our Chemical Lives and The Hijacking of our DNA,’ has focused on how our body gets impacted by the chemical laden world. She stresses on the rising healthcare costs and damage caused by chemicals present in foods, clothing, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and cosmetics. Human body has its own natural mechanism of flushing the toxins out. However, increased exposure to pollution and poor eating habits has compromised our bodies’ ability to remove toxins. This is especially true in case of metallic toxins, such as lead, mercury and cadmium. These toxins lead to the development of several diseases and conditions, such as allergies, bad breath, bloating, colds, constipation, dull skin, excessive weight, fatigue, headaches, hemorrhoids, indigestion, insomnia, mood swings, intestinal parasites, stomach pain, and weakened immune system. Thus, it is essential to detoxify your body on a regular basis through everyday detox methods.

What is the Importance of Everyday Detox?

Detoxification is crucial for everyone regardless of age. This is because no one can have a completely toxin-free body at all times. Everyday detox helps in removing body toxins and puts a cease on the generation of new toxins. This ultimately improves the functioning of various organs, such as liver and kidney. Detoxifying the body improves blood circulation, which in turn boosts metabolism. Detoxification is also important to keep the skin young and healthy. There are a number of methods of detoxification based on natural foods, such as water, juices, fruits and vegetables.

At Go Veda, healthy living is promoted through their powerful detoxifying agent Klaense for everyday detox. All their products are based on 5000 year old Indian Ayurveda and manufactured using natural herbs to affect natural detoxification.

Wealth and Health – 8 Ways to a Longer Life

I’m going to talk to you about a topic that, when closely looked at, actually has a lot to do with living a prosperous, wealthy life.

Since this is the time of year when many of us eat more and feel guilty later, here is some inspiring info from the November issue of National Geographic.

“The Secrets of Living Longer” focused on several regions where people live significantly longer and healthier lives. These residents produce a high rate of centenarians. Their disease rate is a fraction of what people in other parts of the world suffer and die from. Most importantly they enjoy more healthy years of life.

A long healthy life is no accident. Just like anything else, it takes a commitment born out of self-discovery and wisdom.

Here are the 10 keys to success:

1. Okinawans believe in “Ikigai”, meaning “that which makes one’s life worth living.” A strong sense of purpose acts as a buffer against stress and diseases. Find the purpose of your life.

2. A lean diet is also a factor. A typical meal in Okinawa, Japan consists of a heaping plate of vegetables, tofu, miso soup, and a little fish or meat. It has fewer calories and many more healthy nutrients than a small hamburger.

3. The main ingredient in miso soup are sea vegetables. Most non-organic food is irradiated. Irradiated food has no enzymes, which are vital for proper digestion. According to research done by Yukio Tanaka at McGill University, sodium alginate, an ingredient richly found in sea vegetables, can reduce the deadly effects of toxic strontium-90 by up to 80%. The way these sea veggies work is that any radioactive element is transformed and excreted out of your body as a harmless salt. Cesium-137 is best chelated by the blue-green family of sea veggies. Just go and get a variety of these from your health food store.

4. Another key factor to longevity is that people in these regions grow much of their own food. One scientist from the University of Minnesota called these kept by Okinawan centenarians “cabinets of preventative medicine.” They included herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables, such as Chinese radishes, garlic, scallions, cabbage, turmeric and tomatoes. All contain compounds that block cancers from starting.”

5. Keep lifelong friends. A great friend enhances your life as much as a great partner does. When you cherish these beautiful relationships, you cherish your life.

6. Be active every day. Connect to nature with walks in the sun. Find a physical exercise that stimulates your mind and rejuvenates your body.

7. Share your work with your spouse or partner. Include, collaborate, ask for their input – sharing your work will stimulate more creativity to new levels.

8. Find a space each day for stillness and contemplation. I practice magnetic Qi Gong everyday. You can meditate, practice Yoga (which combines exercise with meditation), sunbathe or just lie down quietly.

9. Read about others who live a life of health and bounty. This inspires and motivates in a grand way. Examples of other people’s health and wealth allow us to visualize that a prosperous is a reality.

Remember, “today is the tomorrow you hoped for yesterday.” Now is the only time any action can take place. If you don’t begin now, you will never begin.

Success on any level of being occurs through the hourglass effect. Little by little, grain by grain, your habits of winning accumulate. Soon, your life is filled with fulfillment and richness.

Copyright 2005 Tania French

Exercise for Fitness-Health-Beauty and Youth-How to Move your Body More in Your Every Day Life

“Greg” just couldn’t keep still. In a meetings, he’d fidget in his chair or jiggle his legs. If a conversation took place in the break-room or hallway, he’d do a little two-step while he talked. On phone calls, he’d pace back and forth like a tiger on a leash. Greg’s restlessness may have been a symptom of a medical condition or he may have just been one of those people who moves their bodies a lot. It bothered some people that he couldn’t keep still but, whether Greg was conscious of it or not, he was healthier for all of his extra movement.

A recent study indicated that people who naturally fidget are burning more calories than those of us who naturally keep still. If one of our goals is improved health, we may want to take a page from Greg’s book and keep our muscles moving and our blood flowing throughout the day.
Watch athletes when they are “at rest”. They are often moving just like Greg.

When people say they cannot exercise everyday, the most common excuse is lack of time. One tip is to stop trying to find the time and instead make the time. Exercise does not have to involve health clubs, membership dues, spandex and a plethora of exercise machines and equipment. Exercise is simply increasing the movement of your body. How much of an increase and what type of movement is up to you.

Like Greg demonstrated, there are many “exercises” you can do at work. Try standing up when you’re on the telephone. Walk to somebody’s office to talk to them rather than sending an email or calling them on the phone. Make your own copies and run your own errands. When you feel tired or stressed take a break and take a short walk around the block or around the building. All types of fidgeting–moving your feet, legs and even your fingers, while you sit or stand, is exercise.